Thursday, February 13, 2014

Chris' s Flyrite build for Kool Daddies Motor Cicles

This is a build I am doing fabrication on for Kool Daddies Motor Cicles  for his customer Chris , knocked out some pipes and seat pan so far. It's tuning out to be a cool little scoot.

Bars , Bars, Bars

Guess what I make handle bars also. If you need a set drop me aline .
All made with .120 wall D.O.M steel and stainless

Club wallet and an Avenge Seven fold wallet

Here's a couple of wallets I finished up recently one's headed out to San Antonio and the other to     EL Paso , I don't usually post the line drawings up but It is part of the process.

modern rustic barstool

So I know this is a bit different and not Motorcycle related but none the less it's leather. It was a simple fix the bottom had rotted out and was brought to me to fix. It's always interesting trying something new. I'm just glad it worked out LOL

Chopper seat for Charlie the Nomad

Charlie called awhile back and said he had gotten a new chop but the seat was like riding a boot, so he sent me a seat filled with carpet foam and yoga mats. LOL ouch no wonder it was rough!
anyways I hooked him up with something a bit more comfy. Hope you enjoy it Brother !

MC Belts

Couple of club belts I did for some brothers of two wheels .

Come and take it wallet

Finished this wallet back around Christmas for a customer. It was a well received gift to her BF.
Enjoy Brother!!!!

Haifley hardtail install

Short and sweet It's a good product and fairly straight forward of an install. 

One hell of a fix

This was a hell of a fix , and a bit scary for the owner. When you see this on your bike I would think stuff starts going through your head like " what if that snapped off while on the highway" . Kinda scary, this bike was supposed to come to me awhile back but with my schedule it didn't work out. So the build was taken to another local shop. Long story short plumbing pipe and exhaust tubing does not equal safe ! Good thing was the other shop paid to have me fix it so hats off to them for standing up to the plate.

xs650 electric box

Here is another Store item , this is an electrics box made specifically for the xs650, simple install predrilled for plug welds even the most novice of welders can install . Use with Shorai Batteries or similar .

Upholstered XS650 tracker seat , and chopper Bates style seat

All right people out there, I have decided to run a couple of production upholstered seats. You can find  these on For Sale at the check it out and support small business.

Joe's bike long gone

Finished up Joe's bike awhile back heres some of the finished pictures. Joe' said people on a regular basis stop to admire it. So I threw a pic he sent me of that in action.  Glad you and others dig the build man ,  ENJOY!