Monday, September 9, 2013


Alright everyone. I had some shirts printed up with a new design, Big thanks to Mr.Burney for the sick ass art. The shirts are available  via the STORE BUTTON to the right. Take some time scroll round there's only a few items but help support small business And buy stuff
back of mens shirt, front of womans

front pocket of mens shirt

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Pinche Flaco

Finished up this belt for my friend Lorenzo's dad. I think he may be skinny :)

30 year old belt

I repaired this belt for Teacher John a couple of months ago. The belt belonged to his pops and was in need of some repair. I plucked out the old glued in lettering and tooled in some new letters and hand stitched the insert back in. Messing with 30  year old leather is not fun but it was awesome keeping an heirloom in a family.

Cody's Gingo loco seat

Finished this seat for Cody a couple of months ago for R.O.T rally here in Austin back in June. It was A tight time frame for me. I had to hand off the elephant hide to the embroidery shop to do their thing with the lettering before I could finish up my part.If I remember correctly he picked up the first day of R.O.T. Anyways tight time frame and all the quality is still top priority and Cody walked away a happy customer.

A seat for Douglas M.

Doug contacted me a while back about a seat for a xs650 build he had bought as a basket case from a customer I had welded a hardtail for awhile back.He really liked one of the Virgin of Guadeloupe seats I had done a few years ago.Since none of my seats are the same I came up with a new but similar design for this project . Doug dug( lol, had to say that) the final design and I whipped it out for him.

Seat for Kool Daddies

Finished this seat up a few months ago for one of Johnny's customers over at Kool Daddy Motor Cicles.The customer wanted some thing that flowed with the bike but simple. I took the design off the pinstripes on the paint and viola simple and sexy.

Battery/ Electrics box

Here's a battery / electrics box I did for Chris at Limey Bikes on a Suzuki Cafe Racer

KZ900 for Limey bikes

I always like new challenges. When Chris at Limey Bikes asked if I'd be interested in making a custom cafe seat for this Kz I took it as a learning opportunity. Despite the learning curve I think I nailed it.

Joe's Forever long build

Here's a few more updates on this build.... seems like i have been working on this bike forever. Hopefully I'll be finishing this thing up soon.

Johnny Kool Daddies bike

Finished up all the fab work on the 47' a few months ago. Here's a few pics of the craziness and yes there are two different seats for this bike.

Long Time no UPDATE

Sorry it's been so long since i've updated this here site but better late than never.
Here's a few random pics since the last update.