Saturday, October 20, 2012


A few items I made as stock to sell. I don't usually keep stock so get it while you can and as always custom orders always taken.
Payments via pay pal at
belts are $60.00 plus the trip
cuffs are $30.00 plus the trip

Belts are more of a universal fit from 32" to 40"
33% cuff measures  7-3/4"
other cuffs measure from 8" to 9"

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Finished up this seat for Eric a couple of weeks ago. Eric provided the art work and I really felt like an ass trying to figure out what it said, but after asking him he said he gets that alot so i felt a bit better after he said that. This seat is going on his first build so I was glad that he choose me to be part of it. Thanks again for the support Eric .

Monday, August 20, 2012

More on Burney's Sporty build

Finished up a few more things on Burney's Sporty build. made a sissy bar, license plate and brake light bracket, bars , pipes and made some bungs to mount the fender. Burney even came by to test fit the bars before i welded them to make sure they were a good fit. Fun times i'm really digging this build. 

Sunday, July 29, 2012


All right finally got some more shirts back in stock. I mainly got larger sizes this time around.
L,XL,2XL, and 3XL.
Sorry no Medium
You can hit the buy now button to the right under the Support Working Man's Customs pic.

 Again thanks for the support everyone.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Chris's honda long chop

Where do i start. I meet Chris last year at the Working Man's Motorcycle and Art Show . A cool cb750 that he hardtailed with a TC bros kit anyways we keep in contact and he mentioned he that he wanted to build a crazy long honda chop and asked if i'd be willing to do the frame for it.
 Hey i'm always down for something new.
He started with finding what ended up being a 27 over girder front end off of chop cult and said build a frame for it.  he really like the look of the Denvers Chopper double down tube that hugged each other so we agreed that's what this would be. I ordered a neck and axle plates from Jason over at Texas Bike Works since his frames had the look of old Arlen Ness chops from back in the day which i thought would be a good mix with the Denvers style down tubes.

 I took my time with this frame drawing it  out to scale and with the help of Paul Durfee and his computer guy to check my numbers. I came up with a design that will have close to 4" of trail when it's rolling down the road. I am just about done with it, all that's left to do is get the motor mounts in. Any ways here's some pics of the process and some with the girder playfully in place.enjoy

Burny's Sporty chop

Burney called me up awhile back needing someone to get his 03' sporty chop going. We talked a bit about what he wanted and he decided on the Eliswick hardtail, which i my say is pretty damn nice.
well months later we got to working on it I did however think he was bringing the frame and the hardtail over ..... then he rolled up riding the stock bike .. I had always wondered how long it would take me to tare one of these down. here was my chance. fuck yeah.
 Hot motor and all i started breaking it down 3 hrs later the bike was down to the frame and another two hours the back half was preped for the new hardtail. Like i said the tail was one of the easiest installs to date besides the David Bird  i did awhile back.

 It's now welded on and sitting pretty on its own two wheels. We still have a bunch to do on this chop and Burney been great to work with he'll be bringing more parts over this week so i'll keep you all posted with pics and stuff .

Pauls Money clip seat

Paul's a return customer he's got on of the craziest show bikes out there. He wanted a new seat for it quite awhile back and was patient enough to let me knock it out amidst the craziness of my life. this was a very simple design but none the less added tons to the bike. Thanks again for the business Paul.  

New Tank and a Kickstand

So i've had my buddy Chris's bike here in the shop for some time , due to lack of funds and well life on his end and mine . I finally got the damn thing off of stands and leaning on it own.  It's amazing how the little things like moving a bike in and out the shop can be a chore with out a kickstand.

 After many trial tanks for this bike i finally found one that actually looks good on the small back bone of the KZ . it's a beat up ugly as sin wassel tank and it looks great on the bike.  Just a few steps closer but steps forward are always good.