Saturday, January 5, 2013


I meet Joe about a year ago here at my shop he was in town visiting some of his relatives in the neighborhood . He happened to see the bikes and stopped by for a quick chat. almost a year later he contacted me about a this xs that he was having built by a shop in Houston but was not happy about the work so he asked if he could bring it to me to finish it up. I said sure and the next weekend he brought me a bunch of parts and a really screwed up attempt at welding a TC bros hartail on. the welds were porous and well, all around  bad and since the back bone was welded down without an inner jig or the motor in place the motor wouldn't even fit in the frame anymore. So i ended up having to cut the hardtail off again and put in my jig and weld it back up.In doing so, I realized that the slugs they used were only in the front rails about  1/4". so again I had to cut those out and make new ones.

   Since then i have mounted new tires on the rims gotten the front mag powder coated , made some custom bars for it, fender struts , mounted the led sled fender and got the rubber mounted sporty tank mounted.  still a bit of work to do and a shit ton of ideas to sift through for this so stay tuned.

Brother from an other mother bib

Meet Rick awhile back and just seemed to click the fact that he shares the same last name as me was pretty cool since he's the only other Hurtado I've ever meet. Anyways His RED head (WOMAN)wanted to surprise him with this tank bib but when it came down to it he had it figured out within a day and was designing it himself the next day LOL... The fact that he lives here also gave me a rare opurtunity to actually install it on the bike. VERY COOL ,Thanks again for the support Red and Rick

Working Man's Customs xs 650 Hardtail

Charles was a  referral from Chris over at Limey bikes. He wanted to hardtail his xs650 and was wondering who I suggested buying a hartail section from. Well truth is truth Working Man's Customs is who I suggested ,LOL ... simple enough it's always better to build the hardtail to each bike. these xs's have many slight variances which can be dealt with while in the jig. Anyways here's a Custom hardtail made by yours truly and a fuel sight gauge and tank mounted on the frame.    

Another money clip

So i am just catching up on posting stuff from the past few months , Here's a seat I finished for Paul down in San Antonio. No frills just a plain veg tanned seat with green stitching

Friday, January 4, 2013

Burney's sporty done

So this bike was `fun to build , Burney  dropped a running stock bike off and this is what he took away. Custom bars, oil tank , pipes, seat pan, headlights, sissy bar, relocated petcock on tank, re wired, chain conversion kit, new old 21" rim and tire , new old 16" rim and tire in the rear and a trip to Bud's to get some carb tweeking done . enjoy