Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Got an opportunity to make a wallet for and old friend . There was a group of us that used to run together when we were younger we called ourselves The Vindictives .. we were a group of punks, metal heads and skaters.... kinda the outkasts ... so when Chad said he wanted a wallet with Vindictives and a Danzig skull , was i stoked..

I hope you enjoy the wallet for along time Chad

A seat for LULU

So Ghassan is to date my furthest customer(Jeddah, Saudi Arabia) , He found me on FaceBook by  word of mouth from Josh over at Tail End Customs . Ghassan had an image of his daughter he wanted to have tooled into the seat. I did my thing drew, shaved stock seat down, carved ,tooled , molded,glued and stitched dyed and sealed . Then it took along trip to the middle east.

Thanks again for the business Ghassan


This Bike belongs to Johnny one bad ass Harley mechanic here in Austin. Look him up at KoolDaddy Motorcicles .  
Here are a few pics of what i've done so far spaced the fender to make it sit right on the tire, a sick sissy bar styled around a safety pin , and a license plate and tail light bracket  

Sporty fender strut fix

So this was for my personal bike I had an issue with the old fender strut mounts snapping of probably due to the sissy bar I added to the rear and the more rigid ride of the 2" lower shocks in the rear. So I got some 1-1/4" solid round bar turned the end to slug into the stock frame where i cut old stock dimpled fender strut mounts off . Seam and plug welded  them in place. you'll never notice what I even did but they are solid from here on out.

Quick chop on a Honda

Quick and simple chop, on this honda that sounded like the Jetsons space car....

Fender Fixing

Johnny of Kool Daddies Motorsicles here in Austin came to me with a botched fender. A buddy of his said he could weld and well it didn't come out to good. So i fixed it can see the patch from rear of the fender but not in front...... now isn't that what it's all about :)

More on Joe's xs650

Here's a few pics of some items I've done on Joe's xs650 chop,  electric box, brake stay , sissy bar , seat pan , and mid controls ..All hand made in Austin TX baby . I'm fixing to hit this bike pretty hard finally got all the parts in to finish up fabbing. so more pics sooon