Saturday, January 21, 2012

1988 Sporty 1200 build

Here is the Sporty I picked up for myself a while back I'm trying to get this one done before The Pancho Run in May. I was a runner when I picked it up except for fuel leaking out of the over flow barb and some bad gas , I fixed those problems and rode it around the block a few times. Then preceded to take it apart.
The majority of the build is being put together with parts I had in the shop. So far I changed the tank, made a new oil bag, some new bars , cut both fenders down raised the rear added some iron head fender braces and stuck a bates repop seat pan on it and cut up the stock exhaust and added some fish tail ends to them.I'm gettin closer to finishing up the fab work then all the tin will go out to powder coat and a simplified re wire on the electrical system.

Joe's seat

Just finished this seat up for Joe.It's going on his1997 Harley Heritage Springer . Joe is simply put a "Bad Ass" from the details that i've gotten from him he can pretty much kill you ,bring you back to life, then kill you again and is over in Afghanistan doing what he does best.
He wanted his job to be displayed proudly on this seat and wanted it to look as if someone has really beat the shit out of the seat itself. I did this by distressing it with a dremel tool and a emory file. Then brought if back with some oil and leather conditioner.
I still have to finish up the p-pad for this seat so I'll be working on that next.
Thanks for looking .