Monday, June 25, 2012

It's been awhile and it's been a roller coaster ride

Hello everyone it's been sometime since i've posted so I thought i'd sit down and let you all know what's been going down.
 April 23 this year I lost my life long friend,my older brother Tim. It was one of the hardest and  most unexpected things I ever had to go through , My life seemed to be turned upside down. I've lost my grandparents , aunts, uncles,cousins, and friends . but this was different . This was my brother, my best friend and the person  whom i had spent most of my childhood watching and learning from. Even if at times it was learning what not to do, LOL ....
My brother was a mechanic and a damn good one . When i went home for the funeral i spent a full day going through and organizing his tools to bring back with me. As i went through them all I could think was how fucked up the situation was. (It took me weeks to even get them set up in the shop at home)
The next day my parents and my little brother and sister and myself decided that Tim needed an urn that was fitting for him. I ended up making  a tool box  adorned with Ford and Chevy  emblems .. Just seemed fitting for his finale resting place.As i made it , Motley Crue's " Home Sweet Home " came on the radio.. This my friends was one of those moments that you know is going to stay with you for the rest of your life..I can't hear that song now with out tearing up.but that's alright I'm man enough to admit that.
 I really miss the dumb shit conversations we would have about absolutely nothing and the ones that picked us up when we were down and out. There's a shit load of living to do in my life still and it sucks that I can't pick the phone up and share it with him anymore but I know he's up there looking down on me and watching.

Love you bro..... 

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