Monday, June 25, 2012

Gift from Joe

After an intense couple of weeks with my brothers passing . I arrived home to a box  from one of my customers Joe. It was wrapped up in black duct tape and fishy looking but Joe had given me a heads up so I knew it it wasn't a bomb , LOL
 I opened it up to an American flag and a frame picture of Joe's Special Forces Group .
WOW!!!! Joe flew this flag on September 11th , of 2011  and sent it to me for my support of him the soldiers of the special forces ..
This has got to be my all time proudest moments as a leather smith.

 I still have a p-pad to get to him also but with all the happenings these past couple of months i am playing catch up with all my customers. Thanks Joe for your patience and the gift i am greatly honored.   

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