Monday, June 25, 2012

Burny's Sporty chop

Burney called me up awhile back needing someone to get his 03' sporty chop going. We talked a bit about what he wanted and he decided on the Eliswick hardtail, which i my say is pretty damn nice.
well months later we got to working on it I did however think he was bringing the frame and the hardtail over ..... then he rolled up riding the stock bike .. I had always wondered how long it would take me to tare one of these down. here was my chance. fuck yeah.
 Hot motor and all i started breaking it down 3 hrs later the bike was down to the frame and another two hours the back half was preped for the new hardtail. Like i said the tail was one of the easiest installs to date besides the David Bird  i did awhile back.

 It's now welded on and sitting pretty on its own two wheels. We still have a bunch to do on this chop and Burney been great to work with he'll be bringing more parts over this week so i'll keep you all posted with pics and stuff .

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