Saturday, March 5, 2011


Alright everyone I finally got the shirts in last night and They came out awesome! Here is a list of the size's and quantities i have. This was a limited run this first go around but I will be ordering more. So if you don't see your size let me know for the next order I place. I will keep updating this as orders are placed so the quantities will be current. You can purchase them via
Pay Pal using my email . Shirts are $22.00 with shipping
1-small men's
3 - medium men's
7-large men's
4-xl men's

3-small women's
4-medium women's
3-large women's


  1. Gotta show more love for the fat boys!!! I need a triple chubby!

  2. I'll get you on the next order Wes.

  3. Right on! Just givin you a hard time man. Did you get my last p.m. on the wallet and belt?

  4. Sure did got you on the list. I'll pm you when I get them drawn up. Thanks again Brother!

  5. Is that the front and back of the same shirt?

  6. Silent Mike, mens shirts have the skull with the leather knife in front and the big Working Man's Customs image on the back. The girls shirts have the Big image on front and nothing on back.

  7. Nice, look for an email from paypal! I'll take a men's XL.