Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It's Official Folks

We Are on folks!
Date:Saturday June 11th ,2011.Austin, Tx .This is the weekend of R.O.T rally
The Event: "The Working Man's Motorcycle and Art Show"
Time10:30am to 8:30pm
Location: Mexita's Event Center 1109 N.IH-35 Between 11th and 12th s.

Submissions: Custom garage built motorcycle's to participate in the show and to be viewed as art.
Also looking for artist to display their art though out the space any and all mediums.

VENDORS WANTED, If you would like to vend at the event, we have a ton of space

Drop me aline if you'd like to participate as a builder,artist or vendor.


  1. Man, I wish i lived closer to texas!

  2. I wish I lived closer too, since Ill have to drive to it :-)

  3. This looks great Matt! I'd like to frame some 35mm prints for this too, I've got some cool shots.

  4. Right on Matt, Just make sure that sweet as bike of yours is in the show. Let all you buddies know about the show also.
    Bozi, Can't wait to see you brother!