Saturday, July 31, 2010

Working Mans Customs in The Horse BSC

Made a seat for Charlie "The Nomad" last year and he wasn't sure what bike he was going to rock the seat on. So it sat for some time.
Then about three days before this years Stampede i get a txt at like 1:00 am in the morning .
Say's "hey man i am rocking your seat on the Stampede" .
Yeah this means Charlie road some where over 3047 in under something like 52 hrs or something. On a hardtail cb750 that was rocking a Working Mans Customs seat.
Here's a few pics from The Horse Backstreet Chopper.
Thanks Charlie, And congrats on the win again this year!


  1. Good to know.. I'm gonna need a seat soon too primo! Saw your lil bro today.. we'll be in touch..

  2. Cool deal, now your like... GQ & a superstar.

    Congrats on some press. Nice seat as well.