Sunday, July 25, 2010

Brandons bike For sale!!!

Brandon's having to sell this beast. It's a Super fast bike too!!, Fabrication by myself aswell as the top notch seat!! Motor and carb rebuild by Limey bikes .This is pretty much a brand new bike!
So if you're interested in it drop Brandon a line Via email@


  1. interesting. love your work on the exhaust of this one, matt. you did the hardtail, too, right? good job on the rear disc brake setup.

    thanks for all your hard work in finishing up stuff on the freedom or death machine, dude.

  2. hey man, that thing is awesome! i love the halloween color scheme and the high bars. How's Adrian's bike coming along?

  3. Adrian's bike is coming out sweet it's in a roller stage now over at Limey's new shop for assembly.

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