Saturday, January 5, 2013


I meet Joe about a year ago here at my shop he was in town visiting some of his relatives in the neighborhood . He happened to see the bikes and stopped by for a quick chat. almost a year later he contacted me about a this xs that he was having built by a shop in Houston but was not happy about the work so he asked if he could bring it to me to finish it up. I said sure and the next weekend he brought me a bunch of parts and a really screwed up attempt at welding a TC bros hartail on. the welds were porous and well, all around  bad and since the back bone was welded down without an inner jig or the motor in place the motor wouldn't even fit in the frame anymore. So i ended up having to cut the hardtail off again and put in my jig and weld it back up.In doing so, I realized that the slugs they used were only in the front rails about  1/4". so again I had to cut those out and make new ones.

   Since then i have mounted new tires on the rims gotten the front mag powder coated , made some custom bars for it, fender struts , mounted the led sled fender and got the rubber mounted sporty tank mounted.  still a bit of work to do and a shit ton of ideas to sift through for this so stay tuned.

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