Saturday, October 29, 2011

Nathans Modified Tc bros Hardtail

Nathan brought me this hardtail with his front loop which had been cut up by the previous owner. After leveling the motor and frame in the jig. I noticed there was a huge gap where seat stays welded into the stock frame loop . So I called up Nathan and he brought over the installation instructions ,sure as shit it says in the instructions that the frame rails wont look straight but when you put it into a roller it would look straight. Right on,!! Except the fact that the motor would be leaning back, Not good for the oiling lines at the front of the motor and the floats in the carbs.
Any ways It was an easy fix I stuck the seat stays in the bender and bent them down six degrees. which leveled everything out. This also took away the funky steepness of the hartail also.
once all that was done I welded in the seat cross member and the bottom rail cross member and reinstalled the engine stay cross member that the previous owner had cut out.

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