Saturday, June 12, 2010

Biker Metric Bash

So here's a few pics from Yesterday at the unveiling of the "Freedom or Death" build.
I got to finally meet Jeff of Saint Motorbikes and see first hand what an awesome bike he built.
I have to hand it to Trent of Biker Metric for putting all this together and pushing what I believe is the future of this industry( Garage built, affordable, Kick ass bikes).


  1. dude. jeff is some unbelievable combination of simple humility and madman, isn't he? i love him!

    thanks for your leather work and for your current tweaking so jeff could get the bike here on time and leave for home before we kidnap his ass and brainwash him into believing, i mean knowing, that the future is in austin, texas!

  2. Hey Matt, thanks for the plug. I was so happy to meet you & River, & Limey, & Trent of course. You have a great group getting together down here in Texass.

    Rite on Brother!